Planning a New Program Launch at LDC

Planning a New Program Launch at LDC

Planning a New Program Launch at LDC

As a manager, it is advisable to make changes to plan and implement changes required.  It is effective always to evaluate the environment for the purpose of catching issues that may arise at an early stage in order to successfully carry out objectives and planned goals. The most crucial need is to adjust since the organization is in a dynamic environment, calling for real-time adjustment.  Managers have the role of developing capabilities that facilitate the adaption of changes in an effective manner including scan for a good environment and resource assessment. Pam is using up the budget and leaving little to make an adjustment to the program.

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The strength of Pam is the ability to allocate designated time frame for necessary action to implement the program.  There is a difference between mid-level managers and senior executive when the role is within the company.  The program was initiated to train managers in the mid-level. Thus, individuals behind the program should account the difference between the motives of senior executive and mid-level managers. Mid-level manager leadership skills should be developed to enable them move up the organizational ladder (Sanchez, 2009, p. 157).

Sanchez, A. R. (2009). Technical support essentials: Advice you can use to succeed in technical support. New York: Apress.

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