Plains Indian views of how the west was lost

Plains Indian views of how the west was lost

Plains Indian views of how the west was lost

This book is a Colin Calloway’s masterful job of picking out and presenting a collection of speeches, documents, drawings, and letters that tell exciting stories regarding the Plain Indians during the 1800’s. The introduction alone contains just the right information level and links basic events and themes with the texts presented in the book.

The thesis of this book or Calloway’s intention was to emphasis on the Plain Indians views’ humanistic study on the way they lost the West.  It offers the reader with the authentic viewpoints of Indian people that lived during those times of assimilation and manifestation. From the Clark and Lewis expedition to the construction of railroads,

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As one reads the essays, it’s difficult not to feel sorry for with the Indian authors, and feel very similar poignant loss and bafflement they experienced as their old traditions vanished under forces outside their control.

Generally, I have learned about how the American West was won from the U.S. government.  However, I now have an improved comprehension of what was misplaced too. This has therefore altered to some extent the views I formerly held regarding Native-Americans.

Calloway, Colin G. Our Hearts Fell to the Ground: Plains Indian Views of How the West Was Lost. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin’s Press, 1998. Print.

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