Plagiarism is the theft someone else’s work, ideas or publications and presenting them in your writing, term paper, research or presentation and passing it as your own. Information is termed as plagiarized when; a person does not acknowledge the source of their information through citation and referencing.

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In the context of academic circles, plagiarism by students, researchers or even professors is well thought-out as educational dishonesty and is liable to suspension or cancelation. In educational institutions, software that detects it are used to determine whether the work handed in by student   their original work and well referenced or it is copied

In conclusion, plagiarism is a deliberate deed of replicating someone else’s work and presenting it at yours. It is an unacceptable practice, especially in academic institutions where knowledge is impacted to bring out creativity, analytical thinking and eventually produce smart and knowledgeable students.

Blum, S. D. (2011). My word!: Plagiarism and college culture. Cornell University Press.

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