Pirates are illegal private sailors who commit crimes such as robberies, killing of people aboard, or kidnapping at sea. They are not represented by any nation, in fact, they fly no flag. Piracy is an ancient act that was started many centuries ago by various communities in the world. Piracy is believed to have began in ancient Greece over 2000 years ago (Eklöf 82). During this time, sea robbers terrorized some trading routes in Greece where Roman ships were attacked.

In the past, they were well organized by their representatives back at home. They were either working for their country, king, or monarch. Pirates were also involved wide-ranging activities such as slave trades and smuggling. They committed these acts for personal interests and with no legal rights. During these periods, piracy was punished with death.

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Quite different from the Golden Age pirates, modern-day pirates conduct their operations from the shore. Pirates of Somalia are the worst pirates. They are heavily armed and are well trained to attack a ship and its crew members. Some of these pirates lure a vessel not far from the shore by setting off distress flames.Pirates are not represented by any nation, in fact, they fly no flag.

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