Piers Plowman and wife of Bath and her tale

Piers Plowman and wife of Bath and her tale

Piers Plowman and wife of Bath and her tale

Society value is something that is considered by a specific community to be paramount. Every society has norms and expects people to follow them. In the medieval period, people had strict norms and society lived by the set rules and guidelines. People upheld the puritan way of life where religion was highly valued. Marriage played a central role in the community and people believed it was instituted by God.

Adultery and divorce were condemned. Women main roles in society were motherhood and household chores. Men were superior and could decide on the fate of women. The Piers Plowman and The Wife of Bath tales are a reflection of society during the medieval period.

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It undermined the puritan society by advocating for women leadership and criticizing religion which was very important to the society. The two tales remain significant in the English canon. The tales revolved about Christianity. The plowman tale concentrates on enhancing Christian values.

On the contrary, the Wife’s tale criticizes some of the Christian doctrines because they are anti feminist.  However, during the medieval period Christianity was very important to society, and the Plowman tale managed to promote the Christian values successfully.  Finally, the two stories describe different values morality and leadership.

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