Piano Poem

Piano Poem

Piano Poem

Piano Poem:“The Piano” is a poem by D.H. Lawrence. It about a man who is affected by the memories of the past as he listens to a woman singing as she plays her piano. The song sung by this woman reminds him of his childhood. He tries to fights these memories because he understands that he can no longer enjoy the attention he received when he was young. The poem compares the live of childhood and that of adulthood. It portrays the numerous changes that occur in the lives of people, which sometimes they find hard to adapt. As a result, they are affected psychologically, which forces them to resist change even when such changes mean advancement in life.

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I would recommend reading of Piano poem because it helps us to realize the importance of embracing changes and the dangers resisting such changes. According to this poem, one start to enjoy life when he accepts that the past is gone and focuses on building the future without looking upon others to support fully.

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