Physician assisted suicide legalization

Physician assisted suicide legalization

Physician assisted suicide legalization

Physician-assisted suicide is an intentional act of terminating the life by a healthcare provider, prior to the request from a patient willing to die. The aim of the killing is to relief a person with an incurable disease out of compassion for the suffering person. Physician-assisted suicide is guided by the law under specific circumstances and accepted by professional medical society.

Most people in the US advocate for physician-assisted death under to condition where the patient has an incurable or a terminal illness and the act is voluntary. In recent years, the number of physician-assisted deaths has increased as a result of increased support from medical organization and patient’s family members.

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Some patients may eventually commit suicide in traumatic and horrifying ways. Euthanasia should be legalized in U.S to reduce the cost of healthcare, reduce suffering among patients with a terminal disease and promote individual. Despite the ethical issues raised on the effective of euthanasia, there are a positive aspect of its application in healthcare that can be used in quality enhancement.

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