Philosophy: Euthyphro

Euthyphro is a discussion between Socrates and Euthyphro on the meaning of piety. Socrates and Euthyphro met in the King-archon’s court. They were both handling legal matters in the court.socrates was facing a trial having been accused of impiety. Euthyphro was at the court to bring manslaughter charges against his father. He accused his father of failing to take proper care of his workers hence causing death. The worker, in this case, had killed a domestic servant. His father ordered the guilty person be bound and thrown into a ditch.

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This led to a third definition of piety as part of justice that attends to the gods. The definition is still unsatisfactory because the word attends cannot be used on the gods since it is not possible to make the any better than they are. In the end, the dialog ended without a final definition of the word piety.

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