Philosophy and the Community

Philosophy and the Community

Philosophy and the Community

During work, police officers interact in various ways with the communities that they serve. The community is dependent upon the police to control disorder and assist during emergency times. On the other hand, the police rely on the community to provide details of crime and other vital information that is essential for them to resolve crime and tackle community issues. Over the recent decades this connection has developed as the communities and the police and the communities come together to expect more from one another as each progressively identifies the value of working mutually as partners.

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In addition to the conventional forms of policing called “community policing” and community policing programs have become extensive across America and other nations. In general, community policing is marked by a shift away from central police departments that apply reactive policing, to more decentralized police systems that highlight a problem-solving and practical approach where the police work in close connection and partnership with the communities they serve. This paper will address community policing in Winston-Salem in North Carolina State.

Elazar, D. J. (1975). The American cultural matrix. The ecology of American political
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