The diabetic patient has been under insulin treatment for fifteen years now. During this time, she has managed to understand her illness, as well as how to administer the insulin herself. Although she claims that it has been hard for her, she believes that she can live with the diabetes because her mom encourages her hugely.

As a diabetic too, she offers her pointers on how to face the various challenges and how to respond to inquisitive people particularly in school. To her, health beliefs do not necessarily influence her well-being because she learns most of the things from her experienced mother.

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Although she failed to go for an early check-up in the initial phases of the symptoms, the diagnosis facilitated an early surgery. The radiology also got her back on her feet and tremendously boosted her recovery. However, she did not accept chemotherapy because to her knowledge, it made a patient’s life unbearable from all the consequences.

For this reason, she appreciated the medication she had received thus far but chose to live the rest of her life happily without chemotherapy. In conclusion, she showed a liking and appreciation for the medication.

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