Pet Therapy and Institutionalized Elderly

Pet Therapy and Institutionalized Elderly

Pet Therapy and Institutionalized Elderly.

Pet Therapy and Institutionalized Elderly: The world opened its doors to pet therapy in the early 1960’s.The United States was the first country to embrace Pet therapy and since then, it  has found its way across the eight continents.

There is no doubt that old age is one of the most challenging times in the life of an individual. I say so because people wear out and become vulnerable rather easily (Fine 6). For this reason, it is important to leave the old in the hands of people who have the experience and the care of tending to them.

That is where institutionalized elderly comes in.In the institutions that they are always kept, the elderly occasionally suffer from pathological relapses reason being they think that their families have abandoned them.

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This would have given us a more clear perspective. Nevertheless, I trust the reliability of the research because it considered all the necessary research aspects. In addition, it was approved as a credible research by the world research organization.

I hold the opinion that the research is quite reliable. This is due to the fact that then team managed to prove that indeed pets do play a role in the psychological wellbeing of an individual.

In conclusion, the research supports the friendship that has existed between human kind and animals. Moreover, just as those who keep pets would say, a time comes in life when the pets we keep are warmer towards us than fellow human beings are.

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