Pet Therapy among Institutionalized Elderly

Pet Therapy among Institutionalized Elderly

Pet Therapy among Institutionalized Elderly.

Pet Therapy among Institutionalized Elderly: Pet therapy is known to lower depression, dementia, blood pressure, agitation, irritability, and a number of high rising social interactions among the in institutionalized elderly. In the late 19th centuries, pet therapy started in the United States.

This was as per assumption that different animals have therapeutic effects. Pets have been known to have a special effect on kids who sick or suffering from chronic diseases. Various studies have also supported pet therapy among different people of all ages.

Only quite limited studies have been employe among the older people in institutions, and that is what instigated me to carry out this study. In most cases older people keep pets for companionship, as well as social, physical, and emotional well-being.

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In recent years, animal and human relations, as well as interactions have been employe only during recreational times and studies have depicte positive results related to the association between pets and people (Colombo et al. 216).

Colombo has shown that relationship among people and pets promotes human physical as well as emotional well- being. Other studies have also shown that these relations are able to elevate self- esteem among the elderly and bring out light in their lives.

Pets are also known to have a positive result on persons ailing from the symptoms of Alzheimer’s ailments through keeping their sensations as well as feeling positive, and upholding their conceit or intelligence of accountability, responsibility, inspiration and friendliness.

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