Personnel & Organization Policy,hiring personnel

Personnel & Organization Policy,hiring personnel

Personnel & Organization Policy,hiring personnel

According to Corrigan (2005), Wal-Mart Inc. is a store that was found in 1962 and their mission was to assist customers in saving money as well as have a better lifestyle through provision of quality products at a low price. Presently, Wal-Mart Inc. serves at least 200 million clients in one week, operating more than 8,000 stores in different nations. Chevron is an international integrated energy company that was found in 1879 consisting of subsidiaries that carryout business globally.

Their mission statement involves provision of innovative technologies whereas seizing new opportunities for a profitable growth so as to convey top-notch results. Chevron is ranked as the 10th largest company internationally. The paper will look into two large companies: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. as well as Chevron.

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It can be hard to tell by an applicant’s data whether he or she will fit in with the organization and its representatives. While another worker may bring crisp viewpoints and thoughts, this can be viewed as a disservice, on the grounds that these thoughts may deliver clash with the current system.

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Danto, A. (2013). Personnel & Organization Policy.

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