Personnel and Organization Policy

Personnel and Organization Policy

Personnel and Organization Policy

Personnel and Organization Policy: Many are the instances the employer may need to discipline the employees to enhance organizational ethical standards. The employer can use different types of disciplinary measures to their employees depending on the types of offenses committed. Employees deserve to punishment on areas of service delivery to their clients. It is especially when the employer notices that employee offer low-quality services or are rude to their clients. In such issues, the employer must warn the employee so as to maintain and attract more customers to the organization.

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Employer should supervise their employees to ensure that they can monitor their success and their performance in accordance to the objectives of the organization. There are some cases that the employees are involved in conducts that go contrary to the policies of the organization and thus deserve to be disciplined or counseled. However, the disciplinary measures put should be in accordance to the law. It will ensure respect to ethical standards set by the organization. It will uphold the values of the organization in respect to requirements of the management board.


Balch, C., Billingsley, C., & Swift, C. (2006). Advising the management in hiring and disciplining employees. Atlanta, Ga.: Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers.

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