Personal skyline

Personal skyline

Personal skyline

Personal skyline: People live in a specific locality or city, ruining the chances of developing and growing up in other locations. People come to meet their neighbor at an earlier age or later . When people get to realize that they were living with people they didn’t even know despite living a block away from them.

Most of the people move into the city for educational purpose or in search for better employment opportunities.   New York City has spent time and resources to put brochures together to make the city small, making people wonder why it will be a drag to move back to an earlier time in history.

My personal experience in developing private New York was after an organized vacation with my peers in the neighborhood.  I was dragged into the city by my friends, who are adventurers and always curious to meet and learn new thing in live. I got lost in the city because I was unfamiliar with the city streets and landmarks. This raised after I got mixed up lost and unable to trace the spot we were to meet. I developed a feeling of dizziness and fainted.

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However, there are still people who still pay for their tickets on their family vacation and as a romantic getaway.  At the time when the travel agency is replaced by a beauty parlor, the pizza parlor still remains. Gentleman will still retain his time for vocation while still have their manicure done. It is hard to believe that the old coffee shop has been replaced by a pharmacy while the place that I got my first kiss is replaced into an electronic retail shop.


People realize that they have become New Yorkers after they understand that the city can still continue without their presence and support. Hence,  People realize that change is inevitable, and the only way to get involved is through fixing the city in places.

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