Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility.

Personal Responsibility: It is said that there is no one who can understand us better than ourselves. In life we often find ourselves in different situations that spark different moods to our day to day’s approach of activities.

Sometimes it might also be a change of felling towards something, or even someone other than what one is useto. The ability to recognize these feelings whether physical or emotional, understanding and controlling them not to overwhelm ones actions is what is referred to emotional self awareness.

It means that as an individual, one cannot control his/her feelings, and prevent them from interfering with other commitments at times. However, this does not mean that an individual can fail to recognize

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In order to achieve this, I need to abide by all the rules and policies of this institution. I will also do the best research I can in every assignment, and always make sure that I deliver them on time.

I also plan to attend all lectures, unless there was an issue outside my control. That is an issue like sickness or any other unprecedented matter of critical nature.

I also plan to stay away from activities that may make fail to achieve any of the above resolutions, since I know that every poor decision I make will always come back to haunt me in the future.


Kamdar, D., & Van Dyne, L. (2007). The joint effects of personality and workplace social  exchange relationships in predicting task performance and citizenship performance.   Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(5), 1286.

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