Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Social networks emerged as a result of the advancement of information and communication technologies and have become a basic communication need for with similar interests to communicate via a reliable connection. Opportunities for vast knowledge are presented as geographical boundaries are removed. Everyone could be an initiator and moderator of social networks thanks to social software and Web 2.0 developed tools with a flexible user interface. In the current culture of sharing, connection and promotion of new ideas are realized thus the terms PLE (Personal Learning Environment and PLN (Personal Learning Network) emerge.

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This site has some features users use to expand the PLN membership, including re tweets, hashtags, and lists. Hashtags are special keywords headed by a hash (#) sign and included in the body of a tweet. By following or subscribing specific hashtags they are interested in, users are exposed to other people who are also contributing to that hashtag and become a shared interest, and participants may choose to follow that person, increasing the PLN size.


Chatti, M.A., Mohammad, Agustiawan, R., Jarke, M., & Specht, M. (2010). Toward a
personal learning environment framework. International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments, 1(4), 20.

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