Personal journal

Personal journal

Personal journal:Time management is very important especially based on a busy schedule. Without proper timing then most of the daily chores either formal or informal might be fall out because of time unconsciousness. Basically, each and every single activity needs its time in order to cherish and champion its well-being. For example, for a mother who needs to take care of the children, attend to school matters and be at work at the right time, time management might be very critical and crucial in order to fulfill all these responsibilities. Time has a long way to be fixed up but the only option left for this case; it is all about being at the right place at the right time. For instance, wake up very earlier prepare meals for the children so that they be able to carry on the day smoothly without difficulties. Then once the children are sorted the next thing is to ensure you reach the place of work without being late and this will build and strengthen the relationship between you and the employer hence, making the employer to develop confidence in you based on the element of punctuality.

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Equally, Class work will be waiting to be attended to and this can be done especially on evening classes and over the weekends for some a few hours, alternatively, the weekend might be busy hence, calling for quality time to spend with the family and get to address to the issues, which might be crucial for the family’s well-being. Therefore, evening classes after work for some two hours might be effective for quality survival. Apparently, if such kind of time management is adhered to on a routine basis then everything will be fine.

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