Personal Interview

Personal Interview

Personal Interview.

Personal Interview: An interview is considered as a purposeful conversation in which one individual asks prepared questions regarding a particular issue or topic and another individual responds to provide answers to the set questions.

In order for an interview to accomplish its intended purpose, the interviewer is required to identify and implement the best approaches regarding the approach he or she used to elicit answers.

Accordingly, this paper documents the interview process through an actual personal interview conducted on a family unknown to the interviewer. The paper will be organize in three main sections.

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Essentially, this interview was a success especially considering the fact that I have never conducted one before. The choice of question structure greatly assisted in this exercises as did my personal ability to establish rapport with the interviewee.

However, in retrospect, if I would re-do this interview I would include Mr. X in the conversation and maybe their children. This is particularly important to create a more rounded picture of the family under assessment.  Though in a second interview with Mrs. X, I would probably focus more on the issue of role reciprocity and division of labor since this is also a key predictor of string families.

In conclusion, this module has contributed significantly to the development of my professional communication skills. The practical exercise in the form of the interview with Mrs. X has been the greatest learning moment which allowed me to put into practice the theory learned in class and also test my individual capacity to apply those skills.

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