Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

Personal freedom can be explained as a person’s coming and going, private property security, freedom of expression and opinion and conscience freedom subject to other people’s rights (Lebow, Rob, p.65). A question has come up as to how far the freedom of a person should go or to what extent.

Looking at personal freedom, it possesses different and broad dimensions that a person can view it from. The real truth about personal freedom is that it should never affect the other person’s right and freedom or break the law. According to the law, every individual is free to do anything that he/she wants with his/her life however, he/she should make sure that the law is respected, and anything that he/she intends to do is not illegal. To summarize, the extent to which the personal freedom should be is determine by the two factors: one is not to indulge in activities that are unlawful and two to ensure that respect of the personal freedom or the rights of the others is in order.

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In conclusion, it is therefore clear that the responsibility of the government/company has limit or a border where it does not exceed. Looking the side of the government, its responsibility is cut short when a person is in a condition where he/she can respect the rights and freedom of the others and also the law while the responsibility of company ends when the organization is no longer liable or responsible to the individual.

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