Personal development goal

Personal development goal

Personal development goal.

Personal development goal: After the Affordable Care Act came into play in 2010, it became clear that nurses would be needed to play a huge role in the realization of the goals of this act. A report was written by the Institute of Medicine in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson foundation that suggested that for nurses to participate, they must take part in leadership.

It is in response to this, members of the nursing profession around the country have begun the remodeling of their image. In order to successfully do so, nurses should be able to portray themselves as leaders. This paper contains a design in development of a personal improvement goal.

This personal improvement goal model will enable a nurse develop a leadership skill. The model will use the PDCA cycle; which according to Fredrick et al (2011) stands for Plan, Do, Check and Act.

…….middle of paper…..

in this model as it has successfully fulfilled its intended purpose in record time. For the above mentioned progress to continue, it is important that the forces that brought about said progress stay in place.

I therefore intend to keep on dressing in official wear. I will also keep on being outspoke so as to enhance my communication skills.

Due to the success of the model, I plan on taking the before mentioned vacation. This besides being a chance to unwind is part of the model in that awarding good performance is also enhancing self confidence.


Carnegie, D. (1991). How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People. Simon and Schuster.

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