Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Small businesses are well aware that their existing and potential customers are at liberty to choose where they feel comfortable spending their money. As such, subjective measures like customer satisfaction supplement profit margins in the process of assessing company performance.

Contrary to businesses, government agencies have monopoly over such services as issuing police protection, driver’s licenses, water and septic tank services. Nonetheless, public service agencies must strive to make sure that citizens are satisfied with their services, effectively rendering subjective measures an integral part of evaluating how the government is performing (Shingler et al., 2008).

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Today, as the four authors observe, a rapidly growing population is interacting with government agencies through their websites. Equally, a rising number of federal and state agencies are using online appraisals to determine the level of client satisfaction with their websites.

Such agencies often ask their online visitors to state the kind of information they wanted to get and whether the website satisfied them. For instance,, a website maintained by the General Services Administration, lists some of the government agencies that use surveys, including the Department of Education, EPA and the U.S. Forests Service

Shingler, J., Van Loon, M.E., Alter, T.R., & Bridger, J.C. (Nov/Dec, 2008). The Importance of
Subjective Data for Public Agency Performance Evaluation. Public Administration Review, 68 (6).

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