Performance Appraisal System

Performance Appraisal System

Performance Appraisal System

Performance Appraisal is a process by which an employee’s performance is evaluated. Through such appraisals, employees learn to develop their careers and have a systematic review of their performances. I hold the position of the Human Resource manager. The responsibilities of the position include; conducting interviews and hiring new employees, liaising with organization managers on matters concerning managerial functions and most importantly, acting as a link between the top officials and the employees. Another role of a human resource manager is to assist the management on matters concerning strategic plans of the organization. (Mayer, 1999, p.120).

There are different ways on how to improve the relevance of a human resource manager. High technological skills are important.

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some employees are evaluated with reference to their positive attributes only. Such evaluations doesn’t portray the real picture of the employees.

Employees will always accept positive assessments, because negative evaluations generate chaos and animosity between the employers and the employees. This clearly shows the nature of employees. On matters concerning performance appraisals, they only appreciate affirmative results. When non-performing employees detest the negative evaluations, it means that, there lacks a room for improvement. They never know what to rectify because they never accepted the results. (Landy, 1980, p. 77).

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