PepsiCo Case Study(Corporate Social responsibility Analysis)

Pepsi was formed in the late nineteenth century by a young pharmacist Caleb Bradham when he started selling refreshing drinks (Brad’s Drinks) in his pharmacy. The name of the drinks later changed to Pepsi-cola following the introduction of the pepsin enzyme in the recipe. Owing to the increased demand of the drinks, Bradham decided to start a Pepsi-Cola Company patented in 1903. The product’s demand was overwhelming and Brandham started awarding franchises as a strategy of growing his business.

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From this study, it is evident that Nooyi offered the leadership requirements for sustainable development. Her commitment and advocacy for performance with a purpose mission as Pepsi Co’s sustainable development practices and belief in conscious capitalism enabled the company to achieve sustainable development.

Rao, A. S. (2012). Sustainable Development at PepsiCo. 1-18.

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