Pepsi Inc. and human resource challenges

Pepsi Inc. and human resource challenges

Pepsi Inc. and human resource challenges

In recent times there has been a talk of including human resource as an asset in the balance sheet of various companies. This is due to the discovery that no any companies can succeed without getting its human resource department running smoothly. There various challenges which act as a concern to human resource managers and hence the pursuit for solutions for human resource challenges is a continuous process. Pepsi is also having its share of human resource challenges. They are caused by the reason that the company is a multinational and hence it operations in different countries all over the world (Khagurov, 2011). I am concerned on providing solutions to the challenges facing the company.

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The case of Pepsi brings a clear picture on the challenges faced by companies with an international status on the operations. The challenges in the human resource department have been seen as diverse and hence the requirement of strategies to tackle them. Just as my recommendation for Pepsi to use performance management as a strategy of dealing with human resource challenges, different companies should seek strategies which are appropriate for solving the human resource challenges which are unique to them.

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