Participatory Action Theory

Participatory Action Theory

Participatory Action Theory.

Participatory Action Theory: This paper gives an insight of participatory action research on the basis of the practical and theoretical aspects. The aim of the paper is to give an understanding of the participatory action theory and work involved under the topic.

Notably, participatory action research in psychology is an approach in understanding its important contribution in counselling psychology.  The approach disproves methodologies whose action that are natural, intrinsically and human sensible.

The participatory approach referred to as the main element of inquiry in understanding, initiating change, and as an approach that initiate personal growth in an individual. Notably, the approach is dynamic that is developed form specific challenges, needs and learning experience to a particular group of people using a reflexivity function.

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There are several achievements that have been realized through the approach such as gaining different forms of power. Researcher were able to access information that was previously not available while using traditional approaches. It is the appropriate method that engages people in generating knowledge and action.

In addition,   the approach merges with issues that are raised in psychology relating to social justice because it involves the process of developing relationships in human and reducing the gap between people.

Participatory action research is an effective approach that can be used by counselling psychologist. Despite being the most difficult approach to integrate using different qualitative approaches.  The approach can be adapted by counselling psychologist while carrying out a research.


Brydon-Miller, M. (1997). Participatory action research: Psychology and social change.Journal of  Social Issues, 53,657– 666.

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