Participation in sports and the development of good character

Participation in sports and the development of good character

Participation in sports and the development of good character.

Participation in sports and the development of good character: There are many activities that the human species practices on a daily basis. These activities are dictated by three major aspects of life. That is the political, economic and even the social aspect of life.

These aspects significantly determine the behavior of mankind on a daily basis regardless of the social status they enjoy in the society. For instance, if we were to look at the social aspect, it determines how individuals relate with one another in the society.

This may be in learning institutions, at work, at church and in any other gatherings that may bring the people together. The activities that a society embarks on also significantly dictate on its behavior (Witmer, 2012).

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Children and young sports men and women also learn to cheat from sporting events something which promotes bad character of an individual in the society. For example, a baseball fielder may cheat to have caught the ball cleanly when he/she knows without reasonable doubt he/she used the ground to achieve the same.

In conclusion, sporting activities play a major role in the society. They bring the people from different communities together and help in learning each other’s character. These characteristics maybe good or bad character influence. Therefore, judging from the information above, we can say that sporting activities contribute to. And also detract from development of good character in an individual.


Boyle, R., & Haynes, R. (2009). Power play: Sport, the media and popular culture. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

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