Parkinson’s and Marriage

Parkinsons and Marriage

Parkinson’s and Marriage

Parkinson’s disease is the central nervous system’s degenerative disorder which constitutes a group of conditions known as movement disorders. It is chronic, showing it persists over extended periods of time. It is also progressive, meaning the symptoms worsen with time. With the impairment or death of the nerve cells in sections of the brain, individuals might start to notice issues with tremor, movement, limb stiffness and impaired balance (Gelb, 1999).

Every year in America, 60,000 fresh Parkinson’s disease cases are diagnosed, inclusive of the 1.5 million U.S citizens who presently have this disease. It is a neurodegenerative, progressive disease which has no race, sex, socioeconomic or age boundaries, and it happens to do not have a precise known cause. Typically, this disease affects those that are of age above 65; however, about 15 percent of the individuals diagnosed happen to be below the age of 50 (Hoyert, 2012).

PD has proved to be the key cause of marriage failure. This is usually because of the Neurological changes that are in association with this disease which lead to variations in an individual’s capability of understanding the emotional signals exhibited by others.

This disease also varies the quantity and quality of emotional signals that the individual sends, making it extremely complex to comprehend an occurrence or thought. This ends up making efficient communication frustrating and complex (Hultquist, 2013).

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In conclusion, the couples are usually held up in a dilemma on whether or not they can continue in a marriage characterized by PD. However, therapists do not think that Parkinson’s disease must ever be the deciding factor as to whether two partners stay together. Thus, it can be among the many things that a couple must consider.

Gelb, D. J. (1999). Diagnostic Criteria for Parkinson Disease. Archives of Neurology. doi:10.1001/archneur.56.1.33

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