Parent effectiveness

Parent effectiveness

Parent effectiveness

Effective parenting has never been more imperative to a family’s success than nowadays. Good parenting skills are the foundation for a child’s future, their behavior the future generations, and how they will live in the environment that surrounds them (Ames, 1990). History revealed that parenting without a suitable foundation has always led to confusion for any growing child. That is why trying to be a parent is so essential and will be the most important task of one’s life. Knowing what methods are fine for one’s child during parenting is time consuming but a gratifying effort.

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Efficient parenting skills that have been tackled in this paper include, explaining the parent’s rules and decisions to the child, love and understanding, being a role model, being a good listener, adapting parenting to fit the child, being consistent, fostering the child’s independence, avoiding cruel discipline, and lastly, patience. With effective parenting, future generations (children) will prosper psychologically when effort is included into their upbringing.

Ames, L. B. (1990).Child Care and Development. New York: J. B. Lippincott Company.

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