Paralegal\’s Role in ADR and Important Traits

The relationship between lawyers and their clients is very important for both the client and the lawyer. It is, therefore, vital to embrace ways through which paralegals can make clients feel significant. All paralegals should prioritize on clients’ interests before focusing on their own. Also, paralegals should understand that loyalty is more important than competency. In simple words, there will be a strong connection between paralegals and clients if paralegals are competent.

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In conclusion, the answer is yes. Paralegals and lawyers should be open to their clients at all times and should not treat legal firms as inaccessible institutions. Being open and more personable to the clients results in the development of a sturdy bond that can make their services more valuable. When the paralegals and lawyers are open to the customers or clients, the clients reciprocate and become open too.

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