Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Dot-Pouillard, Nicolas, and Eugénie Rébillard. 2013. “The Intellectual, the Militant, the Prisoner and the Partisan: the Genesis of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine (1974-1988).” Muslim World 103, no. 1: 161-180. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost.

Dot-Pouillard goes into the beginnings of the PIJ. Starting from 1974 and taking us to 1988 we learn of the movement towards a militaristic form of rule combined with Islam. He also discusses events that bring about the PLO, Hamas, and Muslim Brothers.

Luft talks about the changing form of terror acts. Before 9/11 the PIJ used guerilla tactics to send the message to Israel but after 9/11 they deployed suicide bombers. They realize as a small force against a big force they must use terrorism to win. This article

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The authors pose a significant focus on the Al Qaeda, and thorough information regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbullah, along with several other terror organizations.      

This is a comprehensive text in which Larry Gains and Victor present an overview of the governing topics; they integrate key empirical findings and theoretical research in the area through the lens of the contemporary policing problems.

The issues featured in the discussions address critical concerns that confront the American police and their cultures around their view of Islamic insurgence.  A critical examination of police history and the role of politics in the development of police institutions is presented. It isd an important book to understand the major approaches employed ny theUS forces in combating terrorism and crime.

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