Outsourcing Legal Services

Outsourcing refers to using third parties to do services for you that were previously done by permanent employees. It can be domestic or one can use parties oversees. The latter is known as offshoring. Outsourcing legal services is comprised of domestic outsourcing; one can send their work offshore, to be done by third contractors; or one can send work offshore to be done by overseas workers of the law firm that has sent the work. Some of the variables associated with outsourcing legal services according to Outsourcing Law Global (2015) include; allocation of rewards and risks, allocation of decision making control. Allocation of sub-contractors and personnel control, assumption of liability for certain risks, like lost profits.

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The company budget on this practice is a major issue. Are the employees’ skills enough to fulfill the duties required. Finally, one needs to consider the supplier they will be outsourcing with. The most important issues among these are the company’s readiness for outsourcing; is the company mature enough for this practice. And, the company’s budget and financial plan for the practice.

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