Outline; According to research conducted in the US, it is evident that parent who engage in educational activities of children provide support and motivation for children. This results in the improvement of learning process and development of cognitive skills among children.

Most parents provide financial to their children and have a notion that the role of the teachers is to assist their children with all educational activities.

The aim of the paper is to conduct an action research on how parents should involve more with education activities of their children. The performance of children whose parents engages with their education activities is higher in school and in activities that require cognitive skills.

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Action research is a key tool that leads to success through the creation of a conducive environment for learning to the improvement of learning process and development of cognitive skills among children.

Using action research, parents will understand the needs of student in while at school and at home through interaction and involvement with educational activities undertaken by their children.

Action research is the most effective approach in understanding the needs of students and enabling parents to involve more with children while at home or during school activities.

This will result in improvement of overall performance among students while in class and improve their cognitive skill in out of class activities.

The methodologies used in action research will enable parents to involve more with their activities because they are designed to carry out changes through a strategic and an effective way. There are several stages that must be followed with include

Carter, R. S., &Wojtkiewicz, R. A. (2000). Parental Involvement with Adolescents’ education: Do Daughters or Sons Get More Help?Adolescence, 35(137).

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