Outcomes Management and Outcomes Research

Outcomes Management and Outcomes Research

Outcomes Management and Outcomes Research

The general roles of nurses are to check patients’’ vital signs, provide basic nursing care and assist patients in basic personal task, interact with patients to assess their needs and maintain patient health record. Nurses are not allowed to assess, evaluate and diagnose medical care because their role is to provide patient support responsibilities.

These limitations lead to inefficiency and work duplication. Nurses have been given the privilege and are participate developing strategies to integrate and capitalize on their contribution. Nurses are permitted to practice their education and training fully and that nurses prepare and enable them to change and advance health. There are barriers for nurses because some state laws and hospital facilities that require supervision of nurses increasing workload and perceived liability increase. Clinical care is delayed, the cost of operation increase and at the time health care diminishes.

Outcomes management is an interdisciplinary approach to improve patient health care outcomes. The approach provide a means for interdisciplinary collaboration in improving patient outcomes.

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Through different regulatory bodies, the department of health and human services protect the public from numerous health risk and provide programs for the public health and establish policies for nurses. Regulatory agencies include the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, the Food and Drug Administration and the center for disease control and prevention.

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