Race is a one of the major themes in the Othello and it’s an element that is discussed on a broader panel by Shakespeare. Othello is considered as the first hero who is of black race and has risen to the top position in the army as the general.

However, his origin as a black person exposes him to a lot of racism from the father in law, who believe that her daughter’s marriage was as a result of begin tricked by Othello (Vaughan 45).

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The fact that the main character is a black person, his impact in the play is very important in the effectiveness of the play. He also changes the perspective of people in the audience on the ability of black people to be in control of an influential position in the army. It is an eye opener because the time the play was being presented, black people were disregarded and looked at by the white people (Chandler 140.

He plays an important role in overcoming the stereotype that black people are incapable of performing a task similar to the white man. Othello overcomes this stereotype by coming the most powerful individual in the military. He also marries a white woman at the time when black people were looked down at during the period (Davis and Othello 160).

Work Cited
Chandler, Michael. “The Othello effect.” Human Development 30.3 (1987): 137-159.

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