Othello is among the most interesting plays done by William Shakespeare. It is centered on the narrative of a man who enables his insecurities to limit his life. Notably, in this particular play, Shakespeare generates a mood which confronts the way individuals view the world and themselves.

Subjects like jealously, sexism, racism, hate, love, trickery and pride are methodically developed in this play of Othello so as to give the audience a view of themselves and the characters (Bradley 42). Popularly considered as the tragedy of character, majority of the critical explanation of Othello emphasizes on the key characters of this play who are Othello, Desdemona and Iago. Other sectors of scholarly interest as portrayed by the characters include the role of racism and race in the play, in addition to relationships and gender roles (Crawford 38).


Even though Othello appears to be a racial and cultural outsider in that region, his techniques as a leader and soldier is all the same necessary and valuable to the state.

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To sum up, the charming contrasts of the characters in this popular play are roughly as amazing as the level of the passion. The gentle Desdemona, The Moor Othello, the good-natured Cassio, the villain Iago and the fool Roderigo tend to present a variety and range of character as palpable and striking as that created by the resistance of costume in pictures.

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