It is in the world domain that the human species is faced by many challenges. These challenges can be classified under natural disasters or man induced disasters. If we were to look at epidemics, we can say that the human species dwells in a world where at one time or the other one has to be attacked by an abnormal condition.  Abnormal condition negatively affects some part or the whole body of an organism, preventing it from operating at maximum potential. When an organism experiences abnormal conditions it is said it is sick or has a disease.

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In short, there are many functions that Vitamin D play in the body other than just prevention of Osteoporosis, hence its production region, which is in the bones, need to be kept healthy at all times. As a result of the above facts of vitamin D together with consumption food with sufficient calcium are advised as some of the management practices of the disease.

In fact, overall treatment practices for osteoporosis include; usage of bone-friendly medicines (e.g. bisphosphonates), prevention of falls, eating healthy diets with calcium and phosphorus, avoiding excess intoxication (smoking tobacco and excessive drinking) and getting sufficient vitamin D.

Epstein, S. (2012). Vitamin D. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders.

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