Organizational Theory and Behavior

In the case of organizational mergers, there is the challenge of integrating the culture and values of both companies to align them with a single objective and goals. In most cases, there is change resistance amongst the stakeholders of the companies. The change resistance will result in reduced productivity and losses if not managed in time. It is, therefore, important to lay down a proposal that will see a smooth transition and mitigate against the change resistance (Teresa & Gary, 2011).

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During merger and acquisition, people, culture and leadership is the game makers and breakers. The new leadership team will need to move forward together, fully aligned, and own the strategic blueprint. The leaders of the acquired company who will be absorbed into the new company will require to be given time to assimilate and absorb the culture of their new company. The incumbent leaders will work hard to guide and incorporate the new business.

Teresa, A. D., & Gary, S. M. (2011). The Management of People in Mergers and Acquisitions. New York: Greenwood Publishing Group.

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