Organizational Impact of Apple Pay Technology

Organizational Impact of Apple Pay Technology

Organizational Impact of Apple Pay Technology

Apple pay is a mobile money transfer service provided by a technology company Apple Inc. which is an American multinational country. Its headquarters are in Cupertino, California. In addition to providing the money transfer service, the company also designs, develops, and various products. Therefore, among the products produce are consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software, and online services (Hof , 2015). Some of the company’s most popular products include mac line of computers, the iPhone smartphones, iPod media player, apple smart watch, and iPad tablet computer. The online services include app store, iTunes, and iCloud. Additionally, the company’s consumer software includes OS X and iOS operating systems, the safari web and iTune media browser, and iWork and iLife creativity and product suites.

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The company should engage in partnerships with other players in the mobile payment ecosystem so as to give Apple pay a competitive advantage over its competitors. For expansion purposes the partnering with multinational financial institutions will enable the company to gain a competitive edge globally.

Hof , R. (2015). Apple Pay. Retrieved from MIT Technology Review :

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