Organizational Communications;Boeing company

The paper selects Boeing Company as the well-known and established organization that employs more than 10,000 people. The overview of the company is discussed in the paper. The paper then gives a review of the history of the company discussing its origin, the initial stages and the important stages of its development to the current status as a leader in the aviation industry. The organizational culture, industry position, and corporate governance and strategic management are then discussed. The paper then formulates a theory that depicts the company as the best place to work for.

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The communication channels that can be used to measure the dimensions stated in the theory are the interviews. Many stakeholders should be interviewed to ascertain the claims of the theory. These are people who are specially affected in the daily activities like the employees, management, and the other stakeholders. The employees should indicate satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The management should portray the commitment and the values of the company.

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