Organizational Change

Organizational Change

Organizational Change

Organizational Change:Haenen has a tremendous role to play in ensuring that the takeover does not affect negatively the output as well as performance of the employees. Having being the director prior to the takeover, Haenen definitely has to understand that in the modern environment for business, institutions cannot settle ideally for incremental improvement as they must undergo periodically performance transformations (Edmondson, A. C, 2008, p.60).

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As a director, Haenen should aid in empowering the managers to anticipate problems as well as improve their decision-making.
Conclusively, both the frontline employees and managers ought to be given extensive development and training so as to blend in with the new changes brought with the take-over. The new management should play a key role in supporting the staff as well as relentlessly build a strong partnership with the director due to his prior engagements with the employees.

Brewer, G. A. (2005). In the eye of the storm: Frontline supervisors and federal agency performance. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory,15(4), 505-527.

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