Organizational change

Organizational change

Organizational change

The modern businesses are operating at an ever changing environment. A lot of dynamics exist in the business world, and this calls for readiness to change. The organizations may be making tremendous steps in effecting the necessary changes, but the members of the organization may pose a very strong resistance. This part examines why participation is a very effective way of reducing resistance to change.

Whenever individuals are allowed to participate in the process, they are not likely to resist the planned change. Individuals always fear changes because they believe that changes will make them irrelevant. Whenever individual are allowed to participate, they feel that their interests are not under threat.

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Business leaders want to see how the proposed change will help in boosting their profitability. If such explanations are not provided, leaders are more likely to resist. In the case of a business scenario, it will be advisable to focus on the positive impacts such as, how the proposed change will increase the production output and efficiency.

The change agent should stress more on how the change is expected to bring a lot of positive benefits to the relevant stakeholders. He should desist from the negative impacts of the change. This approach will reduce resistance effectively since people would feel that the changes will be advantageous to them.

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