Organizational behaviors

Organizational behaviors

Organizational behaviors.

Organizational behaviors is a useful tool in the determination of success and the performance of organizations. This paper is anchor on the broader topic of organizational behaviour.

Organizational behaviour has been delve out of which three subtopics of power, organizational socialization and organizational conflicts have been well expound. This is because; leaders have the power to make the right decisions that are

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In every organization, there are individuals who work together towards the organization’s goals. The individuals have to interact with one another to enable smoothly running of the organization.

When there is discord among the employees of a given organization, the set goals will not be achieve and hence; losses and collapse of the business are eminent.

In this paper, the organizations behavior will be delved into details (Cole, 2004). Some of the key areas that will be featured will be power, socialization and conflicts. The three main areas are interlink, and none can stand independently.


In an organization setting, there must be people who have the authority to help manage people and get things done. Power distribution is basic a thing in the ensuring of smooth

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Conflict is common in many of the organization and it is the responsibility of the management to resolve such differences.

They should ensure that such situation do not affect the performance of the organization. The three components determine the success and the performance of the criminal justice organizations.

Aquinas, P. G. (2006). Organizational behaviour: Concepts realities applications and challenges. New Delhi: Excel Books.

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