Organizational Behavior: Functions of Management

Organizational Behavior Functions of Management

Organizational Behavior: Functions of Management

Management is a process by which responsibilities to ensure economic, actual planning and rules of operating a business are well-thought-out to achieve a particular purpose. For a manager of a particular entity to succeed, they must implement a number of roles that are common to business entities to ensure proper functioning and success of a business. To ensure a constructive environment that allow smooth running of a business and be profitable, various functions have to be exercised as discussed in this essay.Planning is the foremost function of management from which the rest of the roles are built. Planning tasks the management with the job of evaluating a company’s state, their competitors, customers and the future expectations (Schermerhorn, 2009. Pp.10).

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Planning in an organization can be carried in different forms. Strategic planning is whereby plans are centered on a company’s mission, by assessing its competition, threats, strong suit and weaknesses and using them to come up with appropriate objectives. The type of planning is carried out for a long period of three years or more. Tactical planning deals with coming up with decisive and precise means by which the strategic means is implemented. Operation planning is designed to advance actions that sustain the strategic and tactical plans by coming up with specific actions to achieve them. It takes less than a year to develop and implement it (Schermerhorn, 2009. Pp.11).
Schermerhorn Jr, J. R. (2009). Exploring management. John Wiley & Sons. PP. 10-13.

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