Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior according to the one-minute manager outlines ways in which an employer can improve the effectiveness via situational leadership. Indeed, it illustrates how nothing is simply unequal as the total equal treatment of the unequal. The philosophy addresses on how a leader ought to be flexible so as to be successful in both managements and in business.

The author of the book discusses on the ability of a leader fitting the managerial styles to meet the requirements of the employee or individual. Further, the leader should diagnose a situation or crisis correctly so as to know when to support, delegate or direct instructions in the management chain.

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As a result, the leadership style will aid the workers in realizing the company’s set goals and individual target set.  In fact, the employee in some element dictates the type of leadership needed where once the goals or targets are agreed by them and the employers, they can both diagnose the development levels and the appropriate leadership style. Situational leadership in organizational behaviors is more than a structural model for guiding or developing people.

It encourages conversations in the spirit of partnership irrespective of the job positions. Each individual can make decisive decisions or take responsibility of their targets and job assignments. Leaders, also realize their crucial role in ensuring that the partnership is effective between them and their employees. Therefore, through situational leadership the quality and frequency of conversations on development and performance improve, and the organization develops as well as retaining its most talented workers

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