Organizational Analysis

While researching for text written about organizational analysis, one comes across many works written about the topic. The works include journals, pamphlets, bronchus, newspapers, books, and article. The assignment’s aim will be to assess McDonald’s Corporation, which is a renowned organization within the United States and around the world. McDonald’s is a famous chain of restaurants that sells a variety fast foods. In this paper, the company description will be offered as well as its mission statement. The paper will moreover shed light on the common HR challenges facing the organization and some recommendations that would assist in solving the challenges.

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Every corporation must appreciate that individuals are their finest assets. Deprived of skilled personnel’s who are worthy at what they offer, any business might be in a thoughtful trouble. In the end, the maintenance of current workers hoards companies’ resources. There are recruiting advertising and expenses, training and orientation of potential worker, reduced yield till the potential member is up to promptness and short of clients who were trustworthy to the leaving worker. Finding, training, and recruiting the right personnel signifies a key asset. Once an organisation has acquired talented individuals, return-on-investment needs the back door closed to avoid them moving out. In case a worker leaves an organization aiming at a straight competitor, chance of taking significant commerce strategies and confidence to face other competitors (Wright, 2009). This is therefore additional motive why the maintenance of workers is so essential to any company.

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