Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment.

Our opportunity assessment project is enhanced video support. By looking at this, we intend to solve some of the major video issues because today it is hard to both view and load videos. Given that using video on the web has become common, this deficiency is shifting from a minor objection to a major exposure that is competitive.

Today our retailers that desire to load video have to concern themselves with size requirements and formats beyond what a majority can understand.

Further, concerning loaded videos, the buyer is needed to use a video player that is separate after installing when one wants to view a video that is included. Today viewers anticipate the capability to view videos straight from the detail page of listings.

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The broadband internet growing penetration, combined with camera technology that is improved in phones, camcorders and digital cameras. The result found is that this video sharing type is now a technology that is established.

While the cost of development is not likely to be great, the operational cost can be important. We anticipate the scope of medium to high. An estimate that is more detailed will be unveiled after a joint assessment amid site operations, product management, and engineering.

With all these we recommend that it is required that we move to the investigation and prototyping phase to conclude if we can design run time technology, a user experience that is cost effective, and deployment strategy.


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