Operations Management

Operations Management

Operations Management

Operations Management: The three functions are under different managers. Marketing manager is responsible for the marketing decisions; finance manager controls the finance department during the operations manager controls operations. In finance, there is bookkeeping. The marketing department promotes goods and services. (Stevenson & Hojati, 2007). In operations, the roles are different depending on the size of the organization.

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Challenges faced by operations managers in manufacturing companies are, making many decisions, ensuring good quality of products and managing company’s resources. The market for the manufactured goods keeps on changing and therefore the operations manager must always be updated on matters concerning the marketplace so as to know when to improve their operations. (Stevenson & Hojati, 2007).

Stevenson, W. J., & Hojati, M. (2007). Operations management (Vol. 8). Boston: McGraw- Hill/Irwin.

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