One short 2-page critical analysis of a photo or image of Malcolm X

The photo above dates back to April 1957 when Malcolm X and a small group of Muslims insisted to see Johnson X who had been beaten up by the police for coming to the rescue of Reese V. Poe who had been seriously clubbed by the police on the 7th Avenue at the corner of 125th street in New York. Malcolm X was 31 years old and a preacher in the largest mosque in the nation.

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To conclude, the photo symbolizes Malcolm X’s patriotism, his love for his people, justice for all and his freedom of expression as an icon in the U.S. Using his status, Malcolm X managed to mobilize people with a few telephone calls in a very short time. Malcolm X is indeed a man of the people whose works demonstrate justice, patriotism, and humanity. Although he was denied a bail for Johnson X, Malcolm X fought to the end ensured victory for Johnson and the nation at large. He is indeed an icon we all should emulate.

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