On Sparta by Plutarch

On Sparta is among the most interesting books that Plutchar wrote. The book revolves around the lives of the Spartans. Plutchar reveals the customs as well as the engaging portraits of the Spartans in his works. The former provides background knowledge on why the Greek city rose and fell during the third and the sixth century. Plutchar explores the lives of the Sparta leaders and their sayings. Through his works, the Spartans are revealed as individuals who mastered their emotions and lived a frugal live throughout their lives. He also describes Spartans as individuals who disposed of the unhealthy babies. The Spartans were very keen on offering military trainings to young boys. They also believed in treating their serfs with a lot of brutalities.

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The book is among the best books that document the history of the Spartans. It is a simple book that provides a detailed reference of the Spartans. The stories presented by Plutchar makes the book interesting. The only shortcoming that I find in this book is that it was written very many years ago, and thus it becomes hard to connect with the happenings. However, the content of the book and various quotes still make the book appealing to many.

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